Loula’s Greek Taverna & Bar Updated

1608 Commercial Drive
, Vancouver Lower Mainland & Coast


We’re the second generation of two Greek families that came to Canada to open some of Vancouver’s longest running restaurants.

Now, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from them to offer a brand new dining experience.

Loula’s is the Greek nostalgia of our upbringing infused with modern dining trends that have intrigued us.
The atmosphere and cuisine are an homage to our namesake, a woman dear to our hearts who always leaves you in good spirits
with a full stomach. Expect that overwhelmingly authentic Greek experience when you step through our doors—along with a few
other things you won’t expect. You’ll just have to trust us.

We’re located in the heart of Commercial drive, a spot we feel quite at home in.
If you know anything about The Drive, you know it’s warm, vivacious and a little kooky.