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Before the torcedors can lend their fine hands to the rolling of a masterpiece of smoking pleasure, they must wait for the leaves to perfect themselves. This comes after, first, a six-week curing, then sorting by color and fermentation to stabilize the flavor (when the bales must be checked every four hours and be protected against temperature variations). More sortings follow, particularly for color and to determine filling, binding or wrapping quality potential. Then the leaves are de-veined and sprayed with water to return lost moisture before they are laid on the roller's table.

Expert rolling of the critical wrapper leaf calls for years of training to develop an experienced hand. First the torcedor stretches the leaf a bit, then places the bunch of filler and binder leaves on top of it. After rolling the wrapper leaf 3 1/2 times around the bunch, the construction is trimmed with a rounded cutting tool called a chaveta. The cigar is finished with a crown cap, fashioned from a circle of leaf. The perfect wrapped set will boast uniform length, diameter and draw.

Don't settle for anything less.


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